Everything you need to know to teach music – not an instrument – to your children!

As a homeschooling parent, you’ve got a huge job ahead. Not just raising kids, but teaching them reading and math, history and science, life skills and finance. And… oh yeah, art and music.

So you’ve got an arsenal of resources. You’ve got math workbooks. You’ve got nature journals. You’ve got peg dolls. You probably have five different kinds of paper (and it’s all over your table!) And for music? Oh no…

The resources available for homeschoolers for music have a single focus: playing an instrument. You can get books on note-reading and chords and music theory. You can sign up for in-person lessons, online lessons, downloadable recorded lessons… But what about children who don’t want to be a musician?

If you were public-schooled, you might have had an elementary music class. You did things like learn about the different instruments, try out the sounds on different household objects, listen to music and talk about how it makes you feel… maybe move your body to the rhythm. Is there something like that for homeschoolers?

Now there is! How to Teach Music when you’re not musical is a comprehensive resource for teaching music in elementary and middle school. With 100 fully scripted lessons and over 25 flexible lessons, How to Teach Music is your guide to teaching your children everything they need to know about music. Not to be a musician, but to be fluent in the language of music – the only language that knows no borders.

How to Teach Music when You’re Not Musical is designed for homeschooling! 

Lessons require only as much preparation as you want to put in.

Requires no special materials! Everything can be found at a library, on youtube, or around the house.

Teach just one child or multiple ages in a group

Cover the material multiple times, going deeper each time

Build unit studies! Branch off into history, other arts, science, English, and mathematics!

Use exactly the way your homeschool needs with flexible scripting!

Infinity symbol with music notes

Music Is Forever